Fala Limited Authorized Ulefone Distributor in the UK

Fala Limited: Authorized Ulefone Distributor in the UK

Posted on December 12th, 2023

Fala Limited, a leading provider of barcode scanner equipment services in the UK, is pleased to announce its new status as the authorized distributor and repairer for Ulefone products in the United Kingdom.

As part of this exciting development, Fala Limited will now be able to sell and service a range of rugged and durable devices from Ulefone, specifically designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions. This strategic partnership ensures that customers in the UK have access to high-quality products along with comprehensive service and support options to meet their diverse needs.

Fala Limited will be offering distribution and support for the following Ulefone models:

  1. Armor 18 Ultra
  2. Armor 18T Ultra
  3. Armor 20WT
  4. Armor 19
  5. Armor 19T
  6. Armor 21
  7. Armor 17 PRO
  8. Armor 12S
  9. Armor Pad 2
  10. Armor 24
  11. Armor 22
  12. Armor 13
  13. Armor 14 PRO
  14. Armor X13
  15. Armor X12 PRO
  16. Armor 15
  17. Armor 16 PRO
  18. Armor X11 PRO
  19. Armor Pad
  20. Armor Pad Lite
  21. Armor X8
  22. Armor X12
  23. Armor X11
  24. Armor X7 PRO
  25. Armor X6 PRO
  26. Armor 8 PRO
  27. Armor 8
  28. Armor X10 PRO

This collaboration allows Fala Limited to expand its product offering, providing customers with a diverse selection of robust and reliable Ulefone devices.

About Fala Limited:

Founded in 2005, Fala Limited has grown to become the UK’s largest holder of used barcoding equipment. Specializing in the repair, refurbishment, and support of barcode scanners, handheld devices, and mobile computers, Fala Limited has a dedicated team of expert engineers and an extensive workshop equipped to meet the needs of its diverse clientele.

For more information about Fala Limited and its range of Ulefone products, please visit [barcodetrade.co.uk].