The Zebra LI4278 Rugged Handheld Imager

The Zebra LI4278 Rugged Handheld Imager

Fala Limited is pleased to introduce the Zebra LI4278, a barcode scanner renowned for its excellent 1-D scanning performance, superior speed, and extensive data capture range. Our company, specializing in barcode scanner equipment, offers comprehensive services such as repair, refurbishment, and ongoing support. The LI4278 excels in capturing barcodes on various surfaces, including mobile phone displays, and features a wide working range, motion tolerance, and a durable single circuit board construction. Trust Fala Limited for quality barcode equipment solutions.

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MPN: The Zebra LI4278 Rugged Handheld Imager

Product Description

The Zebra LI4278 Barcode Scanner

Fala Limited, a leading expert in barcode scanner equipment, proudly presents the Zebra LI4278, a state-of-the-art barcode scanner designed to deliver exceptional 1-D scanning performance. With a focus on superior speed, wide data capture range, and versatile applications, the LI4278 is a reliable solution for various industries. Fala Limited offers comprehensive services, including repair, refurbishment, and ongoing support, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your barcode equipment investments.

Table of Zebra LI4278 Specifications:

Feature Description
Scanning Performance Excellent 1-D scanning performance, wide data capture range, captures barcodes on any surface, including mobile displays
Working Range Reads UPC barcodes from 1 in./2.54 cm to over 30 in./76.2 cm, high density codes, extended ranges for flexibility
Motion and Angular Tolerance Superior motion and angular tolerance, no need to pause between scans
Construction Patent-pending single circuit board construction for durability and reduced downtime
Aiming Line Bright crisp aiming line for accurate scanning in various lighting environments
Battery Built-in rechargeable replaceable battery for extended lifecycle
Charging Contacts Long life industrial charging contacts rated to 250,000+ insertions
Compatibility and Management Compatible with 123Scan and Remote Scanner Management (RSM), SDK available for custom development
Durability Withstands 100+ consecutive drops to concrete, ensuring reliability
Connectivity Multi-point connectivity, supports up to three scanners with a single desktop cradle, seven scanners with a presentation cradle
Batch Mode Operation Allows scanning outside communication range, capable of storing and uploading over 500 UPC barcodes
Mounting Options Flexible mounting – vertical or horizontal with the desktop cradle
Bluetooth 2.1 Provides better security, enhanced performance, improved energy management, and easier pairing over Bluetooth
Backward Compatibility Works with LS4278 cradles, offering a cost-effective upgrade path for existing systems

Key Features:

  1. Excellent 1-D Scanning Performance:
    • The Zebra LI4278 stands out for its outstanding 1-D scanning performance, providing fast and accurate barcode capture.
    • Capable of reading barcodes on any surface, including mobile phone displays, ensuring adaptability to diverse scanning environments.
  2. Wide Working Range:
    • With a working range that reads UPC barcodes from 1 in./2.54 cm to over 30 in./76.2 cm, the LI4278 accommodates various scanning distances.
    • High-density codes and extended ranges further enhance application flexibility.
  3. Superior Motion and Angular Tolerance:
    • The Zebra LI4278 exhibits superior motion and angular tolerance, allowing for faster barcode capture without the need to pause between scans.
  4. Single Circuit Board Construction:
    • The patent-pending single circuit board construction maximizes durability, reducing downtime and ensuring long-term reliability.
  5. Bright Crisp Aiming Line:
    • The scanner features a bright and crisp aiming line, making it easier to aim in both bright and dim lighting environments.
  6. Built-in Rechargeable Replaceable Battery:
    • The Zebra LI4278 is equipped with a built-in rechargeable replaceable battery that provides the largest number of scans per charge.
    • The replaceable battery ensures a long lifecycle, well beyond a single shift in high-usage profiles.
  7. Long Life Industrial Charging Contacts:
    • Industrial charging contacts are designed for long life, rated to withstand 250,000+ insertions, ensuring reliable performance.
  8. Compatibility and Management:
    • Compatible with 123Scan and Remote Scanner Management (RSM), reducing management time and cost.
    • SDK is available for custom development, providing flexibility for tailored solutions.
  9. Durability:
    • The Zebra LI4278 is engineered to withstand 100+ consecutive drops to concrete, protecting against downtime due to breakage from everyday drops.
  10. Multi Point-to-Point Connectivity:
    • Users can utilize up to three scanners with a single desktop cradle and seven scanners with a presentation cradle, reducing capital expenditures and maintenance costs.
  11. Batch Mode Operation:
    • The scanner supports batch mode operation, allowing users to continue scanning outside communication range.
    • Capable of scanning over 500 UPC barcodes into memory and automatically uploading when back in communication range.
  12. Flexible Mounting – Vertical or Horizontal:
    • The desktop cradle provides versatility, allowing for flexible mounting in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  13. Bluetooth 2.1:
    • Equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, the Zebra LI4278 provides better security, enhanced performance, efficient energy management, and simplified pairing over Bluetooth wireless connection.
  14. Backward Compatibility:
    • The Zebra LI4278 is backward compatible with LS4278 cradles, offering a cost-effective upgrade path for existing systems.


In conclusion, the Zebra LI4278, offered by Fala Limited, is a cutting-edge barcode scanner that excels in performance, durability, and adaptability. With a wide range of features and comprehensive services from Fala Limited, this scanner is a reliable choice for businesses across various industries. Trust Fala Limited for top-notch barcode equipment solutions and services, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your barcode scanning operations.