Cipherlab 8600 series

CipherLab 8600 Series

A mobile computer epitomizing innovation in barcode technology. Merging functionality, ruggedness, and mobility, it features a vibrant color display, streamlined CipherLab OS, and modular charging. Our commitment to longevity is reflected in rugged protection, expert repairs, and the Forge Application Generator, ensuring productivity. Choose Fala Limited for reliable barcode solutions.

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MPN: CipherLab 8600 Serie

Product Description

CipherLab 8600 Series

Unrivaled Durability for Unmatched Protection

Experience unparalleled toughness with the CipherLab 8600 series mobile computer, meticulously crafted for supreme durability. Compact and ergonomic, it boasts an IP65 standard, shielding against dust, dirt, and water jets. Enduring 1.8 m drops onto concrete and 1,000 tumbles at 1 m, it excels in harsh conditions, safeguarding against accidental drops and unexpected damages. Optional hard shell and a polycarbonate panel protector enhance protection, making the 8600 series one of the market’s most resilient devices. Invest in lasting reliability, significantly reducing replacement costs in challenging environments.

Adaptable Keypad and Innovative Modular System

Elevate your experience with the 8600 series, featuring a versatile design that embraces change effortlessly. Swappable keypads empower you to effortlessly switch between 29 or 39 keys as needed. The modular system offers diverse combinations of charging/communication cradles and battery chargers, simplifying initial configurations. This flexibility streamlines inventory management, enabling more cost-effective re-configurations for end-users. Moreover, it facilitates swift repair and replacement processes, ensuring ease and speed in every aspect. Embrace a device that adapts to your needs seamlessly, setting new standards in convenience and efficiency.

Performance Table For the CipherLab 8600 Series (8600, 8630, 8660)

Feature Specification
CPU ARM Cortex-M3
Program Memory 16MB Flash
Data Memory 8MB / 16MB SRAM
Expansion micro SD slot with SDHC support
Operating Power Rechargeable 3.7V 1100mAh / 2200mAh Li-ion battery
Data Retention 25 days
Alert Two programmable dual-color LEDs (red/green and blue/green), vibrator
Speaker 0.5W, 80dB@2KHz

Revolutionary Design for Seamless Mobility

Step into a new era of user experience with the purposefully crafted CipherLab 8600 series. Weighing a mere 240 grams, its ergonomic and lightweight design ensures all-day comfort, providing unparalleled flexibility and mobility. Elevate your productivity with the optional pistol-grip for intensive scanning tasks, offering a unique touch to your operational ease.

Reader Excellence with Enduring Power

Experience scanning versatility with the 8600 series, offering linear imager, laser, and 2D imager reader options. For enhanced efficiency in inventory and asset management, opt for the RFID reader. Unleash the potential of long-lasting power, providing a reliable solution to diverse data collection demands.

Effortless Connectivity for Real-time Operations

Seamless wireless communication is at your fingertips with the 8600 series, featuring proven 802.11 b/g/n WLAN security and Bluetooth® communication V4.0 dual mode. Stay ahead with compatibility with the latest wireless technology. Unique among its peers, the optional GPS feature enhances accuracy in outdoor asset management, empowering field workers to deliver comprehensive information anytime, anywhere.

Embark on a journey of innovation and efficiency with the CipherLab 8600 series, where Fala Limited’s touch ensures not just a product, but a cutting-edge solution. From ergonomic design to versatile reader options and seamless connectivity, this series redefines user experience. Trust Fala Limited for unparalleled reliability in barcode solutions, backed by years of expertise and commitment to extending the life of barcoding equipment. Choose the 8600 series for a future-proof investment in excellence.


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