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At Fala Limited, we take pride in being the experts in barcode scanner equipment. With over 100 years of combined dedicated service, we have built a reputation as the go-to destination for all your barcode scanner needs. Whether you’re looking to repair, refurbish, or find essential support for your barcode scanners, handheld devices, or mobile computers, we’ve got you covered.

Our Inventory

We understand the importance of having a wide selection of barcode scanner equipment to choose from. That’s why our stock consists of a vast range of mobile computers, PDAs, barcode scanners, charging solutions, batteries, printers, and accessories. Our inventory includes trusted brands such as Zebra, Motorola, Symbol, Datalogic, Honeywell, and Psion.

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Services We Offer


Our team of expert engineers is dedicated to bringing new life to your barcode scanners and handheld devices. We diagnose issues, source quality replacement parts, and ensure your equipment works like new.


If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment without purchasing brand-new devices, our refurbishment services can make a significant difference. We take used equipment and transform it into reliable, like-new devices

Ongoing Support

Even after OEMs withdraw their support, you can rely on Fala Limited. We provide ongoing support to keep your equipment functioning at its best.

Why Choose Fala Limited?


Our experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to delivering top-notch services.

Wide Selection

With a vast inventory, you can find the equipment and solutions that best fit your needs.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that all our repairs and refurbished devices meet the highest standards of quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment is to provide excellent service and ensure your satisfaction.

Whether you’re a business in need of barcode scanner solutions or an individual looking for reliable equipment, Fala Limited is here to serve your needs. Join the countless satisfied customers who trust us to keep their operations running smoothly.

Below are some different types of barcode scanners and their common uses:

Handheld Barcode Scanners:

Use: Handheld barcode scanners are versatile and widely used in retail, warehouses, and logistics. They are suitable for scanning barcodes on products, shipping labels, and inventory management.

Stationary (Fixed-Mount) Barcode Scanners:

Use: These scanners are typically mounted in fixed positions on conveyor belts, production lines, and kiosks. They excel at high-speed barcode reading for sorting, quality control, and automation processes.

Wireless Barcode Scanners:

Use: Wireless barcode scanners offer mobility, making them ideal for retail environments, where staff need to scan items without being tethered to a workstation. They are also used in healthcare for patient identification.

2D Barcode Scanners:

Use: 2D scanners can read both traditional 1D barcodes and 2D codes like QR codes. They are commonly used for document management, marketing, and packaging

Corded Barcode Scanners:

Use: Corded scanners are reliable and used in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. They are ideal for applications where the scanner remains stationary.


Bluetooth Barcode Scanners:

Use: Bluetooth scanners offer wireless connectivity to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They are popular in retail, asset tracking, and field service applications.

Industrial Barcode Scanners:

Use: These rugged scanners are designed to withstand harsh environments, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. They are built to handle heavy usage and can read barcodes in challenging conditions.

Mobile Computer with Barcode Scanner:

Use: Mobile computers combine the functionality of a handheld computer with a built-in barcode scanner. They are used in field service, inventory management, and retail for tasks that require data processing on the go.

Pen-Style Barcode Scanners:

Use: These scanners are lightweight and easy to use. They are often used in libraries and healthcare for scanning books, documents, and patient wristbands.

Presentation Scanners:

Use: Presentation scanners are designed for point-of-sale (POS) applications. They are commonly seen in retail and hospitality environments, where cashiers or attendants need to scan items quickly.

In-Counter Barcode Scanners:

Use: These scanners are integrated into the checkout counters at retail stores and supermarkets. They provide fast and accurate scanning for a high volume of products.

Wearable Barcode Scanners:

Use: Wearable scanners are hands-free and worn by workers. They are practical in industries like logistics and e-commerce, where employees need both hands free for other tasks.

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